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Stamp Duty Guide

Take It From Stamp Duty Experts



Say that you're in the market to buy a piece of land or property, then you must be aware of the duty or tax that'll be put on the transaction as soon as it's made. There are a number of potential buyers who aren't actually mindful of stamp duty and because of that, they're with a big bill when the property changes hands. Knowing how to avoid stamp duty is important most especially with the cost of property these days.


Some stamp duty experts tell clients that it is impossible to avoid stamp dues when the truth is, there are loopholes that can be used to legally reduce your duties or better yet, eliminate it. Obviously, an average person may not be able to easily find these loopholes. Having said that, utilizing the services of a skilled and seasoned stamp duty mitigation firm can greatly help with your goals of saving cash. Visit fiducia to learn more.


By way of putting the house in other people's name who is technically a first time homebuyer is among the common ways of avoiding stamp duty. This isn't always possible but when it becomes, it can lead to no stamp duty or whatsoever. Making sure that you are buying a piece of land or property that is just below duty threshold, which can change depending on the place where you live is another possible way to avoid stamp duty. In fact, even a small difference in the property's price can create huge difference in the amount that you have to pay on duty. Therefore, you must make sure that you're aware of what are the thresholds.


The best advice that you can have who is about to purchase a piece of land or property is the fact that you need professional help. Preferably, you should seek assistance from stamp duty mitigation experts. They can fill you in of all the important details of laws and present you ways on how you will be able to eliminate or reduce your duty. The services they offer are never free and may cost you a fortune but compared to the sum of money you'll be spending on stamp duty, particularly if you're buying a high-priced property, their service are totally worth it!


You have to take into account all the time that the higher the value of the property you are going to buy, the higher the tax you have to pay both in overall amount and in terms of percentage. When your property is for example more than half a million, then the duty can range to tens of thousands and thus, getting help is extremely important. Check out this Stamp duty blog